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In His Mind's Eye

Title - In His Mind's Eye
Author -  thestarlitrose  
Rating - General
Characters - Rose, Scorpius
Spoilers - DH
Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter, if I did James never would have married Lilly (Snape would have), Harry Potter would have never been born and then we would have nothing to obsess about.
Summary -Basically just a short fluffy story about what Scorpius sees when he looks at Rose.


You are in your seventh year before you realize how much she means to you.Collapse )

Rose Colored Memories

 John Smith tells the Matron of his late wife Rose after having a tumble down the stairs. A different look at the Journal of Impossible things, What if Rose wasn't just a dream to John Smith, What if she was his Wife
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well I have still yet to really use this.. or write anything at all as I had first intended to do. I have a few Ideas but have actually no idea how to start it. I'd love to write a 9/Rose story (maybe 10/Rose idk) where Rose and Jackie are actually fobwatched Timeladies. Or something similar to that, maybe Rose being adopted by Jackie and Pete as an infant... I dunno yet. Another idea I had was Rose meeting 11 and finding out exactly what was in her future, then not only giving him a good smack raiding the tardis wardrobe for 10's old clothes and sonic. it sounds better in my head, I've actually started that but I can't seem to really finish it. I think I should just stick to the reading of fanfics and not the writing part.
Well this seems pretty interesting... Though to be honest I'm not sure when I will ever use this.


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