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thestarlitrose's Journal

15 September 1989
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I'm a 21 year old college student that is utterly obsessed with Doctor Who and Torchwood. I'm a Nine/Rose Ten/Rose Shipper and I hate the idea of Martha as anything other than a companion. I LOVED Donna though and I adore the idea of Jack and Donna as lovers. They would just be too darn cute! I hate the way The Doctor and Rose's story ended and I feel they were both cheated in the end. Also I'm rather disappointed that the whole Bad Wolf thing never really played out for me. For it to be mentioned in the second series and also in Torchwood I really wish more was said and done about it. I felt as if they left that a bit too open ended. Nine is my favorite Doctor followed by the Eighth and Tenth incarnations. My favorite episode is probably The Empty Child followed by New Earth. Least favorite is Girl in the Fireplace, I HATED that episode and all it did was annoy me. Not really big on River Song either... Meh!